Antennas, those items seemingly dead material still extremely alive in the electromagnetic world…

Our production range covers the frequency spectra mainly covered by the VHF and UHF. Receiving and transmitting at low power levels or, high levels. The range includes omnidirectionals as well as highly directionals. To bring the most out of a directional antenna array the use of phasing systems are available on a customer requests basis where several antennas are working as a team.

Materials are Aluminum in conjunction with highest quality of Stainless Steel, where the Aluminum is salt water resistant. Even in a very harsch environment any antenna model will have a high survivability leaving the operator fully confident.

Antennas are normally delivered for assembly on site at arrival. Else any transportation of a preassembled antenna may be a problematic situation for the actual forwarder. Assembly is an easy task and very straight forward.

The need of an antenna may differ quite a lot from customers around, usually finding the direction of a transmitting signal. Or, setting up a point-to-point communication of any sort. Transmitting information to a public area is another way to use antennas.

Large antenna arrays are available to any application. Here the mechanical solutions are important to the array’s longtivity.

During our many years of manufacture lots of complex antenna systems have emerged. Wild Life research, weak signal measurments and high power industrial solutions are areas we cover.

All antenna models are DC-grounded, hence protecting electrical static discharges in any connected electronics.

At any point we do not have a ready-to-go antenna model we may design what will suit you. Of course, within the boundaries of the physics of electromagnetics…

Our antenna manufacturing has been ongoing since the mid 1970’ies meeting our customers needs and joy.

The magical world where antennas lives we know about.
We may even explain at customers requests, in words easy to understand.

We recomend you to get in touch with us at any point antenna questions arise with you.
You will have our total attention.